Speakers @ Javantura v5

Speakers at Javantura v5 conference (preliminary, ordered alphabetically by last name):

Ivan Andrijić

Ivan Andrijić (ASSECO SEE) – Nine years of experience in security, related to the banking and payment sectors. Involved in creation and evolution of two ASSECO SEE products: ASSECO SxS Authentication server used for hardware token, mobile token, EMV CAP cards and mobile banking authentication; ASSECO HCE, which is complete and MasterCard certified solution for mobile payment using digitized funding cards on existing schema payment networks. Project manager for more than 15+ international and domestic banks, which includes SEE region and Italy.

bach_leoLeo Bach

Leo Bach (RIT Croatia) – a senior student at the Rochester Institute of Technology Croatia, majoring in Information Technology and minoring in Psychology. He is currently employed as a software developer in the Zagreb-based company Altima d.o.o. where he leads small student groups in building RESTful applications for telecommunication companies.

Rudolf Borić

Rudolf Borić (CROZ) – Business Analyst from CROZ. Although still a student, he already experienced pain in projects with poor communication and inefficient teams, unclear goals and not-quite-optimal work performance. Now he focuses his efforts on attacking those issues, for the benefits of his own team, as well as wider community. Rudolf is an adventurous spirit. In his spare time he enjoys hiking which must end with a good view, and road cycling with his friends which must end with a good beer.

Davor Čengija

Davor Čengija (CROZ) – a proactive and experienced software development consultant, enterprise architect and project manager. During 15 years of working in the IT industry he worked in the fields of software development, system and software architecture, and project management in different business departments.He’s authored several successful courses for software development organization, service oriented architecture and enterprise architecture.

Milen Dyankov

Milen Dyankov (Liferay) – a Developer Advocate at Liferay focusing on Java, OSGi, μservices, modular and distributed systems. He is passionate about designing and building software as well as helping others design and build good software! Being in the software industry for nearly 20 years, he has developed, designed or consulted on various Java based solutions for leading European companies (mostly in the finance and telecommunications industry). While still coding he currently spends most of his time teaching, speaking at conferences and researching his favorite topics around Java modularity and clean software architecture.

Matija Dujmović

Matija Dujmović (King ICT) – graduated from the Polytechnic of Zagreb with a master’s degree in Information Technologies. He is currently a developer at King ICT and a teaching assistant at the Polytechnic of Zagreb. Interested in technical know-how and delivering functional code. He is a self-proclaimed certification junkie as evidenced by his many Java certificates.

Marko Elezović

Marko Elezović (Oradian) – Head of Technology at Oradian Ltd., where he’s working on spreading financial inclusion to the bottom billions. Although a Scala aficionado, Marko is interested in always learning – from old “forgotten” knowledge to new shiny languages and technologies – in general, anything that can make his life more complicated. You can usually hunt for him in a random meetup, where he’s in his natural habitat; sharing knowledge about testing, infrastructure or development.

Nicolas Fränkel

Nicolas Fränkel (SAP) – Software Architect with 15 years experience consulting for many different customers, in a wide range of contexts (such as telecoms, banking, insurances, large retail and public sector). Usually working on Java/Java EE and Spring technologies, but with narrower interests like Software Quality, Build Processes and Rich Internet Applications. Currently working for an eCommerce solution vendor leader. Also double as a teacher in universities and higher education schools, a trainer and triples as a book author.

Anton Zvonko Gazvoda

Anton Zvonko Gazvoda (FRI) – Anton Zvonko Gazvoda, a researcher at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer and Information Science with experience on multiple projects as a software architect and developer. Recently my work is focused on the development of Cloud-native API management solution for documenting, managing, monitoring and securing APIs. I am also working on the development of API Gateway with support for high availability deployment in enterprise environments. Lately, I joined the team of developers of Duke’s Choice award-winning microservices framework KumuluzEE, where my work is focused on the development of framework extensions, such as KumuluzEE OpenAPI, KumuluzEE Swagger, and KumuluzEE Cors.

Hrvoje Grgić

Hrvoje Grgić (RIT Croatia) – a senior student at the Rochester Institute of Technology Croatia, graduating with a major in Information Technology and a concentration in database design and development. He is working on campus as a teaching assistant and a tutor. Most of his work is related to Java-based technologies and MySQL databases. Hrvoje is also working part-time as a software developer at a Zagreb based company Multicom d.o.o., on tasks involving both client and server-side development.

Krunoslav Hrnjak

Krunoslav Hrnjak (yottabyte) – graduated at Faculty of Electrical Engineering. He has 10 years of experience in the ICT profession as software developer, solution architect and project manager. As a member of an internationally recognized association for the project management PMI (Project Management Institute) and as a Certified Project Manager PMP (Project Management Professional) he respects and implements high standards for top professionals through a PMI code of ethics. He gained respectable experience in field of GIS, especially digital Cadaster working for Croatian, Macedonian and Armenian cadaster. He works as Court Witness Expert for Informatics and Telecommunications and also as an IT course lecturer at University Computing Centre (SRCE).

Adnan Isajbegović

Adnan Isajbegović (Comtrade Software) – graduated Theoretical Computer Science at Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics in Sarajevo and I work now as a R&D Engineer at Comtrade Software. I have 5 years experience in Java enterprise world, mostly working on improving, optimizing and scaling Spring based REST web services and data analytic platforms. I advocate Clean Code and Clean Arhitecture.

Matjaž B. Jurič

Dr. Matjaž B. Jurič (FRI) – a professor at the University of Ljubljana and a start-up mentor. He is the author of 17 books published by international publishers and more than 600 other publications. He was awarded several prestigious titles, such as Java Champion, IBM Champion and Oracle ACE Director and has won international awards, including Best SOA Book award (New York), Telecommunications and Media & Entertainment Award for best SOA project (Las Vegas), Java Duke’s Choice Award Winner (San Francisco) for the best innovation in Java, Award for the best scientific paper in the field of services, award for the Best researcher according to the industry, and the Gold medal for outstanding merits in the scientific and education development.

jurekovic_darkoDarko Jureković

Darko Jureković (Oracle) – Project Management Practitioner and IT Evangelist, passionate about Education.

Andrija Kranjec

Andrija Kranjec (ecx.io) – a software engineer at one of the leading digital-agencies in Europe called ecx.io – an IBM company. He has large background in developing web based applications and in the last 10 years his primary interests are technologies that come from the JVM ecosystem. He is open to other technologies as long as they are challenging and provide opportunities to learn something new.

Marko Lukša

Marko Lukša (Red Hat) – is a software engineer at Red Hat. He started programming when he was around 6 and has been developing software professionally for over 20 years. Currently, he works in Red Hat’s Cloud Enablement team, bringing the company’s JBoss middleware products to OpenShift. Occasionally, he also contributes to the Kubernetes project and is the author of Kubernetes in Action (Manning Publications, summer 2017).

Sebastian Malaca

Sebastian Malaca (UBS) – an experienced and dedicated software engineer specializing in object-oriented design and programming, software architecture, code quality and agile. His interests include testing, programming, software engineering and agile software craftsmanship. He’s also a speaker (JDD, GeeCon, Confitura, Devoxx, etc.), writer and contributor to several blogs (DZone, JavaCodeGeeks) about Software Development and Agile Software Craftsmanship.

Petar Marijanović

Petar Marijanović (Production Ready) – Working as a software developer for the last 5 years. Worked on several Android projects and used Kotlin even before it was officially approved by Google.

Branko Mihaljević

Dr. sc. Branko Mihaljević (HUJAK) – IT educator, consultant, manager, and entrepreneur. After 12 years of work at FER, where he received MSc, DSM, and PhD, and 7 years as a co-owner of Java development company, he is currently a senior lecturer at RIT Croatia and leading his own IT company. He deals with Java since 1996 and with Java EE platform since 2000. He is an author of many scientific and professional papers, magazine articles, and educational materials, and he participates in numerous conferences. He gained his work experience as an IT consultant, project manager, development leader, software architect, and researcher on various IT projects in financial, telecom, public health and satellite systems sector. He is also the president of Croatian Java User Association (HUJAK).

Danijel Mitar

Danijel Mitar (King ICT) – a Java Developer currently working at KING ICT. He enjoys programming, optimizing and tuning Java applications. Passionate about DevOps, Software Craftsmanship and JVM languages. Always looking to improve quality of his craft.

Tomislav Nakić-Alfirević

Tomislav Nakić-Alfirević (Amphinicy Technologies) -received his BSc degree in 2003 and his MSc degree in 2011 in applied computer science at FER, University of Zagreb. He has been developing custom information systems and systematically improving the software production process since 2003, first in Netgen and the last 9 years at Amphinicy Technologies, where he works on ground solutions for satellite communication systems.

Aleksander Radovan

Aleksander Radovan (HUJAK & King ICT) – graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and is currently finishing the PhD program. He is in the Java more than 13 years. He works for KING ICT as Java team lead and besides he teaches at several universities in and around Zagreb courses related to programming in Java and information systems in general. He is also interested in areas such as artificial intelligence, genetic algorithms, robotics and teaching the younger generation programming.

Mihael Sedmak

Mihael Sedmak (Bytecraft) – Development team leader, JEE/Spring developer & integrator with experience in banking and government software implementations as well as technology & methodology consulting. Current major interest include agile values & principles, applying agile best practices for a better way of delivering IT solutions. In the technical landscape, I find the future of JVM friendly dynamic languages extremely interesting with high potential of redefining how we deliver enterprise Java solutions.

Darko Špoljarić

Darko Špoljarić (CROZ) – a senior software developer with an agile mindset, who is passionate about 3 things: building useful software in iterative and incremental fashion, teaching and coaching others how to do it, and coaching ones who are responsible for leading and suporting them.

Ivan Topolnjak

Ivan Topolnjak (Kamino Technologies) – Cool dude from Venezuela, living in Croatia. Passionate about programming and monitoring in general, co-author of Kamon and co-founder of Kamino.

Željko Trogrlić

Željko Trogrlić (OG Consultancy Services) – Software architect with 19 years of experience in international projects and distributed teams. Strong background in enterprise technologies on Java platform. Current Scrum practitioner, and former member of Agile Board in Fortune Global 500 company division. In spare time, give and organize talks as a part of Osijek Software City Code Camp initiative. Currently working as a team leader and software architect at OG Consultancy Services for some of the top 20 German companies.

Haijian Wang

Haijian Wang (Vaadin) – works for Vaadin as a Vaadin Expert. He not only contributes to the open source framework but also helps Vaadin customers building enterprise web applications. He is passionate about web, especially those bleeding edge technologies.

Dušan Zamurović

Dušan Zamurović (Casumo) – is building an in-house big data platform in an online gaming company, having a time of my life. Previously software consultant, body to be leased and IT operations manager. My career started with development of Ajax web applications and I developed while working on enterprise projects like digital marketing campaign planners, social CRMs and complex reporting mechanisms used to analyze ad serving information. Simply put, I love to code.

Petar Zrinščak

Petar Zrinščak (CROZ) – a team lead and software engineer at Croz. He has more than 10 years of experience in developing custom software solutions within Java ecosystem. He is technology enthusiast and eager to learn new things. Besides development he is involved in people management and team leadership. Always seeking for new ways to improve development processes.

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