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Speakers at Javantura v3 conference ordered alphabetically by the last name:

Matija Capan

_Matija CapanMatija Capan has graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing with a master’s degree in telecommunications and informatics. He has over ten years of experience as a software developer and architect, creating solutions for clients from banking, government, and transportation sectors. Currently, he is working as a chief solutions architect and a development team lead at KING ICT.

> Rational Team Concert – integrated agile development and collaboration tool <

Hrvoje Crnjak

_Hrvoje CrnjakHrvoje Crnjak – Experienced Java developer with multiple enterprise projects for major European banks under the belt. Currently working at Five Minutes Ltd. as a Java developer on a project for Rhapsody International, a major US music streaming service.

> Going Reactive with RxJava <

Nicolas Fränkel

_Nicolas FrankelNicolas Fränkel – Software Architect with 15 years experience consulting for many different customers, in a wide range of contexts (such as telecoms, banking, insurances, large retail and public sector). Usually working on Java/Java EE and Spring technologies, but with narrower interests like Software Quality, Build Processes and Rich Internet Applications. Currently working for an eCommerce solution vendor leader. Also double as a teacher in universities and higher education schools, a trainer and triples as a book author.

> Spring Boot under the cover  Mutation Testing for everyone <

Krunoslav Hrnjak

_Krunoslav HrnjakKrunoslav Hrnjak, M. Sc. E.E., MBA, PMP, is ICT professional with ten years’ experience. As a member of an internationally recognized association for the project management PMI (Project Management Institute) and as a Certified Project Manager PMP (Project Management Professional), Krunoslav Hrnjak respects and implements high standards for top professionals through a code of ethics for the PMI, which is developed around four core values: responsibility, respect, fairness and honesty.

> FIWARE – from ideas to real projects <

Johan Janssen

_Johan_JanssenJohan Janssen is working as a Java architect and competence center Java lead at Info Support. He has been working for various demanding companies where rapidly delivering quality software was very important. Currently he is working in a DevOps team in a big financial institution in The Netherlands as Java architect. He likes sharing his knowledge about Java, continuous delivery, DevOps, software quality and numerous other subjects. Johan regularly writes articles and gives presentations about those subject for instance at JavaOne, Devoxx, J-Fall, JavaCro, JavaLand, JBCNConf, Java Forum Nord, Coding Serbia and ConFESS.

> The Internet of (Lego) Trains  Conquer the Internet of Things with Java and Docker <

Darko Jureković

_Darko JurekovićDarko Jureković – Born a long, long, long time ago, Darko happens to be too old to live on Facebook. However, he’s still around and keeps being interested in Project Management, IT and education.

> Oracle Academy & Java  <

Ivan Krnić

_Ivan KrnićIvan Krnić is Software Development Technical Manager. His specialties are banking and insurance sector systems as well as portal and ECM solutions. He is the owner of PMP certificate and Certified ScrumMaster in love with agile methodologies. Working as an Agile Coach, he is helping the teams unleash their full potential.

> What really motivates developers? <

Mladen Marović

_Mladen Marović

Mladen Marović received his degree in computing in 2012 from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb. He joined Combis, information technologies and systems integration, d.o.o. in the same year. Initially focusing on JavaEE and Spring-based application development, his interests later changed to Big Data technologies, and he has been an avid Big Data and Machine Learning developer and enthusiast ever since.

> Husky – (y)our tool for tracking value in data <

Mario Marić

_Mario MarićMario Marić was born in Bjelovar, 1987. After his first job at the Croatian state forest enterprise, he started working at Infobip, as a Business Development Manager in charge of Tanzania, Africa market. He spent 3 months in Dar es Salaam, establishing a local office there. After returning back to Croatia, he started working at CS Computer Systems as a KAM for their IPTV / OTT solution. Eventually he joined Combis as a Business Development Manager in Application Development Services Division….

> Husky – (y)our tool for tracking value in data <

Josip Maslać

_Josip MaslaćJosip Maslać got infected with programming in high school and since then he wasn’t able to find a cure: “My main tools are Java, web stack (HTML/CSS/JS), Solr and Mysql but I also like (maybe too much) to drift to other topics. Entrepreneurial task are also not foreign to me since I’m a cofounder of Croatian leading price comparison site Nabava.net which is my main preoccupation for the last couple of years and where I’m now working in the CTO role.”

> Synchronizing files the easy way with GlusterFS <

Branko Mihaljević

_Branko Mihaljević

Dr. sc. Branko Mihaljević is IT educator, consultant, manager, and entrepreneur. After 12 years of work at FER, where he received MSc, DSM, and PhD, and 7 years as a co-owner of Java development company, he is currently lecturer at RIT Croatia and leading his own IT company. He deals with Java since 1996 and with Java EE platform since 2000. He is author of many scientific and professional papers, magazine articles, and educational materials, and he participates in numerous conferences. He gained his work experience as an IT consultant, project manager, development leader, software architect, and researcher on various IT projects in financial, telecom, public health and satellite systems sector. For the last four years he is the president of Croatian Java User Association (HUJAK).


Nakul Mishra

_Nakul MishraNakul Mishra is a Senior Software developer, a consultant around JVM and related technologies. Prefer automation over manual configurations. Keen on continuous delivery, unit testing and code simplicity. Interested in developing applications that requires creativity, imagination, fast-learning and zest for putting theory into code.

> Microservice – no fluff the REAL stuff <

Maarten Mulders

_Maarten MuldersMaarten Mulders – Enthusiastic senior developer, architect and trainer with a passion for elegant solutions. Working in a DevOps team for a large financial institution in the Netherlands. Seasoned Java and JavaScript developer, but always eager to learn new things. Very motivated to share my expertise on various topics. Experienced user with the ELK stack in complex setups. Assisted in setting up various parts of a company-wide monitoring solution based on ELK.

> ELK – Big Data for DevOps <

Karlo Novak

_Karlo Novak

Karlo Novak is a software architect at SV Group company with 3 years experience on projects for financial and public sectors, passionate about programming, technology in general, and mostly JVM and its wide ecosystem. Also, a performance and quality freak skilled with various performance testing tools and platforms.

> Java & JWT Stateless authentication <

Marin Orlić

_Marin Orlić

Marin Orlić received his degree in computing in 2001 from the University of Zagreb, and his Ph.D. in 2010. From 2001 to 2013 he was a research and teaching assistant at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. He joined Ericsson Nikola Tesla as a researcher in 2013. His research interests are in structure and behaviour modelling, tools for model development and analysis, automated software engineering and cloud computing. He is involved in projects in software engineering and cloud-computing over a wide range of topics.

> Develop the right way with S-CASE <

Nenad Pečanac

_Nenad_PećanacNenad Pečanac is a Software architect and Full stack developer at Serengeti d.o.o. He graduated Computer Science on FER in 2008. Since then he has been developing public, financial, business and multimedia Java EE & Spring web applications. Currently he studies various aspects of software architecture and design on front-end, back-end and in general.

> ES6 – Future Is Now <

Davor Poldrugo

_Davor PoldrugoDavor Poldrugo – Software engineer with interest in backend development, high-availability, distributed systems, disruptive business. Currently working on real-time data analytics with Kafka, Redis and druid.io. OBDII enthusiast. IoT enthusiast. Cinephile. Windsurfer. https://about.me/davor.poldrugo

> Real-time BigData ingestion and querying of aggregated data <

Aleksandar Stoisavljević

_Aleksandar StoisavljevićAleksandar Stoisavljević – Started as freelancer, programming mainly Win32 desktop applications in wide variety business cases. Joined 2DSoft company, in 2003., programming and providing support for Win32 applications (Dental assistant, Inventory Management, etc.) Graduated with honors at “Fakultet Tehnickih Nauka” – University of Novi Sad, in 2007., finished graduation thesis dealing with web services, Hibernate and Struts with excellent grade. As from 2007., employee in Levi9 IT Services. Currently holding position as Java Software Architect.

> CQRS – another view on application architecture <

Hrvoje Šimić

_Hrvoje ŠimićHrvoje Šimić is a senior software development consultant at CROZ. He has 17 years of experience in the industry and the academy, designing, prototyping and consulting for some of the largest companies in Croatia and Europe. Recently he’s been involved with text processing by building the social media analytics software SentiMenter and by introducing verbal user interfaces in various software products.

> Just say it – using language to communicate with the computer <

Ingmar van der Steen

_Ingmar van der Steen_

Ingmar van der Steen is working as a Java developer at Info Support for which he implemented solutions across domains like banking and government. Having an academic background he likes to bridge the gap between theory and its applicability in software projects with specific interests in domain-driven design and functional programming. Currently working on an implementation of a data mining algorithm for the social knowledge sharing platform knowNow.

> The Internet of (Lego) Trains <

Petar Zečević

_Petar_ZečevićPetar Zečević has worked with Java products and technologies for the last 15 years. He is currently CTO at SV Group d.o.o. and is writing Spark in Action book, a comprehensive guide to Apache Spark.

> Apache Spark revolution – what’s it all about? <

Franjo Žilić

_Franjo ŽilićFranjo Žilić is currently working as lead developer, system integrator and UNIX administrator at BISS d.o.o in Spring, Java and Groovy. Previously worked as DevOps engineer at Minus5 and Java developer, UNIX administrator at CROZ d.o.o.

> Logs – the missing gold mine <

Stjepan Žužul

_Stjepan ŽužulStjepan Žužul is a senior software developer working at S2 informacijski sustavi. He has over 10 years of experience in software industry mostly working as full stack developer in different industries (Banking/Insurance products, Charter booking software, Airline industry). My professional interests are large scale systems and IoT. My daily routine is mostly boring: develop – eat – sleep – dreaming Thailand – sleep – repeat.

> Ionic framework in production environment <

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