Schedule @Javantura v3

Javantura v3 Conference Schedule – (new: adjusted time)

08:30-09:00 Registration
Hall A
09:00-09:10 Javantura v3 – Conference Opening –  by HUJAK
09:10-09:40 The Story of Java and HUJAK – Branko Mihaljević, Stjepan Matijašević, Hrvoje Đurđević, Aleksander Radovan, Marin Orlić, Slavko Žnidarić [HUJAK]
09:40-10:10 Lightning Talks – Sponsors and Friends
JavaCro, DORS/CLUC, and droidcon conferences
S2 Informacijski sustavi
RIT Croatia
00:20 Coffee and Snacks Break
Hall A Hall B
10:30-11:00 Spring Boot under the cover – Nicolas Fränkel Just say it – using language to communicate with the computer – Hrvoje Šimić
11:05-11:35 The Internet of (Lego) Trains – Johan Janssen, Ingmar van der Steen ES6 – Future Is Now – Nenad Pečanac
11:40-12:10 Real-time BigData ingestion and querying of aggregated data – Davor Poldrugo Ionic framework in production environment – Stjepan Žužul
00:10 Short Break
12:20-12:50 Going Reactive with RxJava – Hrvoje Crnjak Mutation Testing for everyone – Nicolas Fränkel
12:55-13:25 Microservice – no fluff the REAL stuff – Nakul Mishra Java & JWT Stateless authentication – Karlo Novak
13:30-14:00 Rational Team Concert – integrated agile development and collaboration tool – Matija Capan Develop the right way with S-CASE – Marin Orlić
00:55 Lunch
Hall A Hall B
14:55-15:25 Apache Spark revolution – what’s it all about? – Petar Zečević Logs – the missing gold mine – Franjo Žilić
15:30-16:00 Conquer the Internet of Things with Java and Docker – Johan Janssen Husky – (y)our tool for tracking value in data – Mladen Marović, Mario Marić
16:05-16:35 CQRS – another view on application architecture – Aleksandar Stoisavljević ELK – Big Data for DevOps – Maarten Mulders
00:15 Coffee Break
Hall A Hall B
16:50-17:20 What really motivates developers? – Ivan Krnić Synchronizing files the easy way with GlusterFS – Josip Maslać
17:25-17:55 FIWARE – from ideas to real projects – Krunoslav Hrnjak Oracle Academy & JavaDarko Jureković
Hall A
18:00-18:10 Prizes, Gifts & Presents
Conference Closing

The organizers reserve the right to modify the content of the conference, the sessions, the speakers and the schedule.

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Javantura v8 is postponed due to COVID-19-related circumstances.
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