Call for Speakers @ Javantura v2

Call for Speakers / Talks is closed. Please read information below before submiting a talk.

It is a pleasure to invite you, once again, to Javantura v2, a Java conference which will be held on November 15th 2014 in Zagreb, Croatia, EU. This is a great opportunity to tell your story, share your experience, show your results and to indirectly promote your product, your company and yourself in front of 250+ people, including media representatives, potential partners or clients. It may also be a natural way to seek for and find new employees or employers.

We invite you to submit your talk proposal via submission form no later than October 19th and get a chance to become one of speakers at Javantura v2 conference and help us to build a great conference once again.

We strongly encourage HUJAK members to submit their talk proposals, but all other are also more than welcome. Authors will be contacted upon receipt of presentation proposal according to conference dates schedule.

You can also read FAQ page and if there is anything unclear or if you have any kind of specific question please contact us.

Conference topics

Javantura v2 conference proposed main topics are:

  • Core Java, Frameworks, and Servers – various Java SE and Java EE technologies, different platforms, language features and numerous frameworks for backend, desktop and servers, as well as application servers, portals, etc.
  • Web and Mobile Development – technologies and frameworks regarding frontend and GUI for web and mobile, including Android, HTML5, JS, etc.
  • Methodologies and Tools – development and other methodologies including DevOps, Agile, Scrum, Patterns, team management and organization, distributed and remote teamwork experiences, as well as various tools including IDE, CD, CI, ALM, task/issue management, project management, code quality, build tools, source control, testing, security, performance, optimization, etc.
  • Trends and Future – emerging technologies, architectures and concepts, including Clouds, Big Data, NoSQL, Embedded, and Internet of Things, as well as alternative languages for JVM
  • Innovative Products and Creative Services, Projects, Experiences and Solutions – your experiences and your knowledge put into practice

Official conference languages are both English and Croatian, but we encourage you to present in English. You can submit more than one presentation.

All talks should be more of a technical nature, not promotional or sales. It is advisable to be objective and to show both benefits and problems you may have encountered.

All talks are 30 minutes (strictly) including Q&A with a 5 or more minutes break in between. If you need more time for your talk please contact us.

Topics could change at organizer’s discretion so keep a track of main Javantura v2 page news.

Important dates

Javantura v2 conference important deadlines are:

  • Final submission date2014-10-19 (October 19th)
  • Notification of acceptance – 2014-10-28 (October 28th)
  • Presentation submission date – 2014-11-07 (November 7th)
  • Conference start – 2014-11-15 (November 15th)

Dates could change at organizer’s discretion so keep a track of main Javantura v2 page news.

Terms and Conditions

By submitting the talk, author(s) accept(s) the Javantura conference terms and conditions. Presentations and speeches must conform with expected levels of quality and conference standards and all deadlines should be respected. Conference organizers may freely and without restrictions use presentation materials and content to promote conference and related activities. Presentation is commonly presented by the first author, although other coautors may participate. Presentation will be held in a schedule provided by conference organizers. Organizers cannot be held responsible for violation of copyright or plagiarism. In general, organizers will not compensate travel and accommodation costs. Organizers reserve the right to change the time and terms of presentations. Authors should submit information on any special conditions that organizer should provide, if there are any.

For more information please feel free to contact us.

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